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Available Positions


School Operations Managers

The Partnership is seeking a pipeline of School Operations Manager candidates.

School Operations Managers are dedicated to improving the effectiveness and efficiency of their schools and to building a network of high-performing Catholic schools to support low-income students.  School Operations Managers oversee the ongoing operations at their schools and ensure the implementation and maintenance of clear systems, including student information, school finances, tuition collection, vendor management, and enrichment programming, in order to allow Principals and teachers to focus on student achievement in the classrooms. School Operations Managers have dual reporting responsibilities to their school Principal and the Chief Operations Officer of the Partnership.

The Partnership seeks a full-time principal-in-residence for the 2014-2015 school year.

The principal-in-residence program is a one-year position that supports future school leaders in their development as they prepare to become principals. The principal-in-residence will serve in a leadership position at one of the Partnership schools, and s/he will work alongside and learn from the current principal and the Superintendent. Through these leadership and mentoring experiences, s/he will grow, develop, and prepare to take over as principal for a Partnership school.



The Partnership seeks a full-time Principal for the 2015-2016 school year.

The Partnership seeks an outstanding Principal who shares a commitment to inner-city students and an appreciation for values- and character-driven education in general, and Catholic education in particular.  Dedicated to educating the whole child, the Principal will be responsible for providing excellent academic preparation as well as the values and life skills students will need to succeed in high school, college, and throughout their lives.  The Principal’s primary goal will be to make significant improvements to academic achievement levels at a Partnership network school.  To achieve these results, the Principal will leverage the practices and lessons emerging from gap-closing urban schools across the country.  The Principal will work alongside and report to the Partnership’s Superintendent.


Pre-K-8th Grade Teachers

The Partnership is seeking classroom teachers.

Partnership teachers have a deep commitment to inner-city students, an appreciation of Catholic education, and are dedicated to raising achievement levels. Open positions in one of its six schools in the South Bronx or Harlem include:

  • Pre-K-5th grade classroom teacher
  • 6th-8th grade English Language Arts teacher
  • 6th-8th grade math teacher
  • 6th-8th grade English Language Arts and social studies teacher
  • 6th-8th grade science teacher

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