ADA Job Description

Position: School Admissions & Development Associate
Location: New York, New York
Type: Full-Time


About The Partnership

The Partnership is a pioneering school management organization that is shaping the next generation of urban Catholic education. Granted operational management in 2013 of six long-standing, Pre-K to 8th grade schools in the South Bronx and Harlem, the Partnership is committed to providing students in historically underserved neighborhoods with the academic preparation, values, and skills they need to excel.

The historic success of urban Catholic schools stems not only from a rigorous tradition of academic excellence, but also from an emphasis on developing self-worth, moral character, a love of learning, and a sense of civic responsibility—all part of our long-standing commitment to educating the whole child. The Partnership is unique in knitting this tradition together with lessons from high-achieving public, charter, and independent schools, in the service of our students.

For more than twenty years, the Partnership has raised and invested over $200 million in urban Catholic schools. Today, as a school management organization, the Partnership is intensifying its efforts to break the cycle of poverty and close the achievement gap across our network schools.

  • The Partnership currently serves over 2,000 students across the network
  • Nearly all of our students are a part of the free and reduced-lunch program
  • 99.4% of the students are minority
  • 65% of the students are Catholic
  • 33% speak English as a second language

At the Partnership, we believe all children can achieve at the highest levels.

For more information about the Partnership, please visit


Job Description

The Partnership is seeking motivated, hard-working individuals to serve as school-based Admissions and Development Associates (ADAs) in charge of marketing, enrollment, communications, and development at Catholic schools in Harlem and the Bronx.

ADAs report to the network-based ADA Supervisor and also their school-based leadership team. The ADA Supervisor directs network-wide marketing and communications efforts to be carried out by the ADAs at the schools.



Marketing and Enrollment

  • Implementing campaigns to increase enrollment
  • Creating flyers, brochures, advertisements, and other materials
  • Reaching out to community-based organizations, daycare centers, other neighborhood schools, and local businesses
  • Organizing open houses for prospective parents and following up with attendees
  • Tracking and reporting on student registration
  • Working with current and prospective families to complete scholarship applications


  • Updating the school website
  • Managing and updating the school Facebook page
  • Writing and designing the school’s bi-annual newsletter
  • Writing and designing regular email updates to families


  • Communicating and working with the school’s donors, School Board and alumni
  • Organizing and helping to run School Board meetings
  • Planning and executing fundraising events
  • Tracking all donations and writing thank you notes
  • Managing select enrichment programs that are funded with donor support
  • Creating donor thank-you projects with the students
  • Writing grants and donor reports


  • Supporting administrative systems to increase efficiency of school operations
  • Leading projects with volunteers at the school
  • Organizing field trips

While ADAs work full-time in their respective schools, they receive training and a tremendous amount of ongoing support and direction from the Partnership. The Partnership team leads monthly meetings where specific topics are discussed in depth and ADAs have the chance to share best practices. In addition, ADAs submit weekly, mid-year, and year-end reports to the Partnership team and meet with Partnership leadership twice a year to identify successes and areas that need improvement and to create clear priorities for the coming six months.

Desired Skill Set

  • Commitment to the Partnership’s mission to help historically underserved students break the cycle of poverty
  • Passion for working with children
  • Ability to work collaboratively with a team and also independently to complete goals
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Excel and social media platforms
  • Willingness to master programs including Microsoft Publisher and Vertical Response
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to interact with a wide variety of people in a welcoming, respectful manner
  • Flexibility to multi-task, along with the ability to prioritize and follow through
  • Relentlessness, creativity, and willingness to do whatever it takes to ensure success
  • Maturity, sense of humor, and a “roll-up-my-sleeves” attitude
  • Conversational level of Spanish (preferred)
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail

Education/Experience Required: Bachelor’s Degree and 1-3 years experience.


To Apply

Please send cover letter and resume with “Admissions and Development Associate” in the subject line to:

Compensation will be commensurate with experience.


Here’s what a few of our former ADAs have said about their job:

“At OLQA, my day is filled with moments of serving others: hearing a family’s relief when I inform them of their scholarship, seeing the little girl I had recently registered wave at me from her classroom, using student artwork and writing to create mementos for our donors. What may seem like the simplest of moments can have such a powerful impact. Being part of a school community means that my actions are amplified and extended among our students and their families. It can feel like a big task, but it’s one with tremendous rewards.”  Diana

“When I was looking for my second job out of college, I knew I wanted a high level of responsibility, to build upon my experience in marketing and development, and I wanted to do it for a company or organization that was helping people—that position is the Admissions and Development Associate (ADA) at a Partnership school. This job is all of those things and more. Plus, I get to be around kids. I love kids.”  Sarah

“As an ADA, I’m not just someone who works in the “front office”. I am the person parents, students, teachers and even my principal rely on to make our school buzz with life. I can’t believe the responsibilities I have been given and the impact I know I have on our students and our families. Every day I learn something new about myself. Things I never thought I could do, I now handle without hesitation. When I recount my day to my friends, they stare at me in disbelief. It’s just that good.”  Heather