Our Supporters

The Partnership is profoundly grateful for the generosity of its donors and thanks them for their continued dedication to our work to improve the lives of low-income students.

Major Supporters from 2012 to the Present

Ron Adzima
Angelo Lead Charitable Unit Trust
John Birkelund
Elliot Bottom
Edward & Aileen Burdick
Carson Family Charitable Trust
Civil Society Institute
Frank Colen
Sam & Melody Di Piazza
Charles Durkin
Bradford & Barbara Evans
William B. Finneran
William E. Flaherty
Mark Gallogly & Lise Strickler
Kenneth Gamble
Michael Gerstner
Mary Giambelli
Peter Grauer
Paul Guenther
Gregory & Sarita Hanley
Tom & Janine Hill
David Komansky
Jeffrey Krauss
Bryan Lawrence
Kenneth Langone
Stig Leschly
James P. MacGilvray
Joe McBrien
Tom & Paula McInerney
Muccia Family Fund
Sal Naro
Philip Purcell
Leslie & Eileen Quick
Thomas C. Quick
Jonathan Rather
Suzanne & William Sales
Richard Schmeelk
Russell & Julia Shepard
Daniel Shuchman
Peter Smith
Frank Stanley
Stone Lion Capital
Dominic & Sally Taglialatella
Paul & Kimberly Tanico
The Herdrich 1985 Charitable Trust
The Lucretia Fund
Tishman Speyer Properties, L.P.

Foundation Support from 2012 to the Present

Altman Foundation
Altman/Kazickas Foundation
American Dream Foundation
Charles Hayden Foundation
Gerstner Family Foundation
Michael and Susan Dell Foundation
Pumpkin Trust
Rose-Marie & Jack R. Anderson Foundation
Soros Fund Charitable Foundation
The Edward & Joan Steiniger Charitable Foundation
The Louis Calder Foundation
The Louis V. Gerstner, Jr. Foundation
The O’Connell Family Foundation, Inc.
The Office of Black Ministry
The Shubert Organization, Inc.
Trimble Family Foundation