Our Goals

The goals for the Partnership network are two-fold:

  • Provide low-income students with the academic preparation, values and life skills they will need to be successful throughout their lives
  • Develop Catholic schools that are strong operationally and financially by maximizing enrollment, improving efficiency, rationalizing increased costs, and stabilizing revenue sources

Success Factors

The achievement of these goals depends on several factors:

  • A relentless focus on achieving targeted results
  • A dedicated and capable leadership team at the six schools and Partnership central office that is well versed in both Catholic education and the lessons emerging from high-performing urban schools across the country
  • The ongoing commitment and engagement of the Archdiocese, principals, faculty, students, families and donors

The hope and expectation is that, in achieving its goals, successes at network schools can be shared with other schools in the Archdiocese and other dioceses around the country.

Measurement of Results

The Partnership will measure results to ensure that it delivers against its goals of academic excellence, a broad program that develops life skills and values, and operational and financial strength. To do so, the Partnership will use metrics to gauge its progress at the school, network and student level.

Important metrics the network will ultimately track include the following:

  • Student achievement on New York State tests and Archdiocesan religion exams
  • Average yearly academic growth for each student
  • High school placement and completion rates
  • Enrollment
  • Student retention
  • Costs per student
  • Revenues per student

Please check back to see our progress. We will post our results as they become available.