Operations & Finance

Icon: icon-approach-financeOne of the primary goals of the Partnership network is to develop Catholic schools that are strong operationally and financially by maximizing enrollment, improving efficiency, rationalizing increased costs, and stabilizing revenue sources.

The Partnership’s Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operations Officer lead this effort, working closely with each school. They will focus on the standardization of systems and processes, and the sharing of best practices and vendors to improve effectiveness and greater cost efficiencies.

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Each school has an Operations Manager to improve operational support. The Partnership’s Chief Operations Officer will work directly with each school’s Operations Manager to ensure that their schools run efficiently.

The Partnership has management control over and responsibility for the capital repairs at the schools and expects to spend $9 million over the next three to five years to complete required repairs and address safety concerns. The Director of Facilities, reporting to the Chief Operations Officer, will oversee all capital repairs and major renovations at the six schools.