Our Approach

The Partnership believes that all children can achieve academically. This academic achievement creates opportunities, but in and of itself, is not sufficient to break the cycle of poverty: children need a broad program that enriches and engages, teaches values and skills, and helps them to understand their strengths, weaknesses and interests.

Catholic schools, given their focus on educating the whole child, have a long, successful tradition of helping move low-income students into the middle class. The Partnership believes that by strengthening its set of inner-city Catholic schools­­–academically, operationally and financially, it can help lift students out of poverty and create a model that benefits these students and other inner-city Catholic schools and students.


The Partnership network’s goal is to develop a set of six academically high-performing, inner-city Catholic schools, thereby creating opportunity for all the students who attend them.

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Enrichment Programming

The Partnership is committed to educating the whole child. A broad program is essential to help develop important life skills and values.

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Operations & Finance

One of the primary goals of the Partnership network is to develop Catholic schools that are strong operationally and financially by maximizing enrollment, improving efficiency, rationalizing increased costs, and stabilizing revenue sources.

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The Partnership, along with donors and partner organizations, offers scholarships to make sure that an excellent Catholic education is affordable for low-income families.

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Core Values

Building on the strong values inherent in Catholic education, network school programs will develop critical life skills and values that our students need for success in school and throughout their lives.

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